About the Charity

Serving Single Moms with unconditional love.

The Caring People was founded in 1997 by Springfield, Missouri native JoDee Herschend. The Herschend’s own and operate amusement attractions throughout the world. JoDee enlisted the expertise of an army or caring women in establishing a model to reach hurting, broken families. JoDee felt God had a specific mission for her and as prayed she had a vision to touch the lives of others with the love of Christ in a real and tangible way – void of judgement and isolation. The Caring People began focusing on Single Moms.

The Caring People is comprised of caring committed, Christian women reaching out and mentoring Single Moms and their children with the love of Jesus. Small weekly “Care Groups” are held in churches throughout 3 states and internationally in El Salvador…who walk out this mission. But, it takes a village to make a lasting impact in their lives.

Run to the Lights is held each year in November to raise additional  funds to support and grow the mission and in turn grow the number of Single Moms we are able to mentor. Funds raised go to support meals, curriculum, workshops, computer training and special events for Single Moms across 3 states  and internationally.   When you change the life of a Single Mom, you change the lives of their children!  We help create strong women, strong leaders and strong moms! “They’re my family” we hear so often from the Single Moms in our Care Groups. Thank you for supporting this mission!   To learn more visit www.thecaringpeople.org

Exisiting Chapters: 

  1. Branson, Mo.
  2. Columbia, Mo.
  3. Farmington, Mo.
  4. Golden, Mo. (opening Fall 2016)
  5. Hollister, Mo.
  6. Jefferson City, Mo.
  7. Joplin, Mo.
  8. Kansas City, Mo.
  9. Liberty, Mo.
  10. Nevada, Mo. (opening Fall 2016)
  11. Nixa, Mo.
  12. Ozark, Mo
  13. Springfield, Mo (pioneering chapter)
  14. Washburn,Mo.
  15. Wellington, Mo
  16. Kansas City, Kansas
  17. Canton, Ohio
  18. El Salvador – Santa Ana with Moody Missions